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Rape is a very specific crime. Although it is, after the murder, described as the most harming crime, there is paid very little attention to it in the Czech context. The results are: little support for rape survivors, belittlement of the issue, generation of various myths, which clearly contribute to the double victimization of rape survivors etc. Gender Studies, cooperating with the civic association Persefona, aims to create a supportive project for rape survivors in the Czech Republic. The project "Stop Rape: The Program for Rape Survivors´Protection" started in response to the inadequate levels of appropriate and comprehensive care for rape survivors in the Czech Republic. Its goal is to support open communication about violence and power imbalances in the most intimate area of life.

In order to set the terms for a professional discussion on the critical issues, representatives of Persefona, Jitka Čechová and Hana Jandová have carried out a basic assessment of the state of services and aid currently available to rape survivors in the Czech Republic. The main focus was to identify situations in which rape survivors do not receive appropriate care or in which their human rights are infringed upon. An essential part of the study was also to compile a list of service providers that serve survivors of rape. The sources of the analysis were public documents, studies, case studies, publications, methodologies, internal documents, the law and the practical experience of the staff at the Persefona NGO. In addition, in the course of our research, there were conducted interviews with experts from the police force, government offices, the courts, the medical field and the staff of social services NGOs. The text Shortcomings in Rape Survivor Care – Quality of Services for Rape Survivors in the Czech Republic summarizes the main findings focusing on the areas that beg the interest of the relevant professionals and their close cooperation so that the human rights of rape survivors are fully protected. 

Further, JUDr. Barbara Havelková evaluated substantive law provisions in the Czech context in an article A Few Reflections on the Legal Provisions on Rape. The text focuses on legal issues from the perspective of the rape survivor. It examines the way the law deals with interpersonal violence and its adequacy, and outlines potential changes that might lead to improving the current state of affairs. With this goal in mind, this text first discusses substantive and procedural criminal law and then briefly refers to the developments in international law. The main theoretical positions analyzing the wrongs caused by sexual violence are presented in the conclusion.

Both articles were published in a publication "Pod hladinou: fakta a mýty o znásilnění" (Below the Surface: Rape-related Facts and Myths).

For more information contact the project coordinator: kristyna.ciprova@genderstudies.cz.

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